3 safest and reliable payment websites in India

When it comes to making payments, we are always very careful. We are skeptical of taking to digital payment gateways and there have been incidents where people have been duped of their money by tricksters. It is no doubt that people want to be sure that would not be losing money trying to make digital payments. However, to be honest, the digital payment scenario is getting more secure as safety features are being employed now. SafePay is one of the new initiatives employed by Airtel Payments bank in this regard.

So, if you are interested in making payments safe and reliable, here are some of the most reliable payment websites across the country.

  • Paytm – Paytm is one of the most trusted websites when it comes to online payments. Paytm has been certified by the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) with 128-bit encryption. Suspicious transactions are blocked by artificial intelligence. This is done by analyzing the behavior of fraudsters. Paytm even ensures that there aren’t other apps present on the device that might put the user accounts at risk. There is a cybersecurity team that ensures that security is ensured as leakage of customer details might lead to severe losses.
  • Google Pay – Google Pay is another secure platform for making payments. It has multiple security features in place. In order to open the app, it is required to enter a PIN or the fingerprint of the device owner. Also, transactions made using Google Pay are always secure. Google keeps all information regarding transactions on secure servers. Card details are not stored on your phone. They are not shared with merchants when you are using Google Pay. Merchants only get access to a virtual account number. Also, a confirmation would pop on your screen if you try sending money to someone who is not on your contact list. It ensures that you would not be sending money to someone just by mistake.
  • Airtel Payments Bank – Even though there are lots of safety features that have been implemented on different websites, the safest bet is the Airtel Payments Bank website. With Safe Pay from Airtel Payments Bank, you would be using the Airtel Network Intelligence to send alerts to your mobile number. There will be a 3rd-factor authentication which is not provided by anyone to date. This feature is available on UPI and net banking transactions as well. No transaction would go through without permission from you. All you need to do is to enable Safe Pay on the app. When you initiate the transaction, you would an alert on your phone. You would receive the alert on the registered phone number. Only then the transaction proceeds. Also, you can open your digital savings account in 3 simple steps with Video KYC.

These are some of the safest and most reliable payment websites available in India. Take advantage of Safe Pay and other security features to safeguard your money.

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