Comparing Your Options – Whale Watching by Sea or On Land?

Whale watching has become a massive industry and thousands of people around the world now make a living from whale watching whether directly or indirectly. Research suggests that the whale watching industry generates billions each year, which again boosts the argument that whales are far better off alive than dead. There are two ways to see humpbacks in Sydney in their natural habitat – by land or by sea.

Greater Appreciation

Before we compare the two options, seeing whales in Sydney is a good way to better understand the importance of these creatures. They are a vital part of the marine eco-system, without these gigantic creatures roaming the seas, our oceans eco-system wouldn’t be able to regulate the flow of food. Whales such as the humpback, which migrates north from the Antarctic every year, help to maintain a balanced food chain. This stability ensures certain animal species don’t overpopulate the ocean. When a whale goes to the toilet, their poop contributes to the environment by helping to offset carbon in the atmosphere.

Boat Trips

Stress Relief – Did you know that seeing a humpback whale up close can greatly reduce your stress levels. Getting close to a humpback whale makes you realise just how small you really are, making you forget your worries and problems. Simply observing a whale in its natural habitat can reduce your stress levels. They are such amazing creatures that you become hypnotised in their presence. There mesmerising effect keeps you in the moment and this allows your mind to relax and forget about any issues you have in your life. This effect is much stronger when visiting the whales by boat, humpbacks are social creatures who get curious when you come to see them. When you book a Sydney whale watching tour by sea, these creatures will come so close you can almost touch them.

This allows you to study the intricate features on their bodies as they play and jump around the boat. If you are lucky you’ll come in contact with a mother and her offspring as they make their way back towards the cold Antarctic seas.

Experience – Booking a whale watching tour by sea is an experience in itself, you get to enjoy the open ocean even before you meet the whales. People of all ages can have fun on whale watching tours.


Whale watching on land isn’t as exciting as being on a boat tour. You are a good distance away from the whales, so it can be difficult to bond with the creatures. But whale watching on land is a good alternative as it allows you to get some exercise while you walk to the viewpoint.

Although whale watching on land isn’t as exciting as going by boat, it is still a good alternative if you can’t book a place on one of the tour vessels during the busy season. A boat trip gives you the opportunity to view these amazing creatures up close in their natural habitat. The annual migration of the humpback is truly a sight to behold.

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