Garden Feature Ideas to Transform your Outdoor Living Space

If you would like a garden that starts conversations, a complete transformation could be a lot easier than you might think, especially when you consider the many garden features that are easily created. In fact, you may already have the basics for a stunning garden, and here are just a few ideas for features that will take your garden to a whole new level.

Wooden Trellis

When looking at landscape design, many homeowners don’t realise that a slimline timber trellis can conceal a concrete wall or staircase, or even provide a screen to protect you from the wind. It can be shaped to form arches and with the right fauna, it will grow into a stunning feature that adds both colour and depth to the garden. Rather than having umbrellas for terrace shading, you could add a couple of posts and cover the terrace with a framework of trellis, then with some quick growing creeping plants, you will soon have shading that is natural. Vertical trellis can provide a natural screen that might conceal a water tank or simply to give another elevation of natural growth.

Water Features

Every outdoor space should have a water feature, as this is as natural as the other living things that grace the area. A large garden could make good use of a water fountain, which would make an ideal central feature, and this is something your local landscape firm could handle. It might be a fish pond that has a stream running into it, and with a loop system and a small pump, you won’t need a constant supply of water. Of course, the natural sloping of the terrain needs to be factored into any water feature, otherwise it won’t look natural.

Creating a Split Level Garden

This is not as difficult as you might think, and by taking a couple of yards from one area to create a fishpond, this extra soil can be used to raise up one corner of the garden, and with a nice retaining wall, you can create stunning flower borders. It only takes a little creativity and imagination to create a few small steps in the layout, and these will bring extra depth into the layout.


Rockeries offer the chance to introduce colours, textures and 3D dimensions, and are especially attractive when two levels come together. A couple of square metres of top soil and a few rocks is all you need for the basic foundation, and adding water to the equation really does bring a rockery to life. The right plants and shrubs will eventually provide a floral covering, which always makes a rockery look more natural, and the size should be in proportion to the garden.

If you are in doubt about the potential that your outdoor area offers, talk to your local landscape design company and they will come up with something that ticks all your boxes, and it won’t break the bank.

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