Important Subjects in Commerce

In India, CBSE is one of the most popular board systems that offer many courses to the students. To keep the contemporary reforms and trends updated, the board keeps revising the syllabus from time to time. Out of many courses they offer, commerce is one subject that is very popular in the country.

The commerce subject deals with communication, trade, economy, interactions, and various reforms. In this article, we will read the vital syllabus and topic in commerce for Class 11 and 12.

First, the five main subjects that each student has to study when they opt for commerce.

  • Core Subjects – Economic, Bussiness studies, and Accountancy are the core subjects for this stream.
  • Language – English as a compulsory language.
  • Optional subject – This has various subjects to offer, and the option varies from school to school. A few subjects are dance, maths, physical education, music, psychology, media, etc.

Importance of studying commerce and these subjects

Accountancy –   It is a subject that has a maximum of numerical and calculations. Accountancy teaches the technique of classification, recording, and summarizing many aspects of events, transactions, and money that are related to finance. It also gives an insight into why some businesses fail, and some succeed. A few topics related to the subjects are a bill of exchange, financial statement, balance sheet, and trial balance, etc.

Economics – An economic student will learn data, statistics, reasoning, theories, and analysis and theories related to business and the country’s economy. It also gives an overview of the social situations of the country, GDP, the standard of living, trade, law, and things related to other social causes.

Business Studies – This subject offers a wide range of concepts related to business studies. It will help students obtain knowledge of business activities that influence the daily lives of ordinary people. The subject will also give them an understanding of how incomes, opportunities for personal enterprise, standards of living, creation of employment affect and influence the economy and society directly and indirectly.

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