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Plagiarism refers to content that is not credited correctly by the author in the article/blog post. As a professional writer, the person must write the article to record all the reference sources used in the paper. The writer also needs to cite each source in a particular format. Failing to cite any source or misquoting sources leads to plagiarism.

Paraphrasing is a technique that is employed to rewrite certain portions from a source article. It is not unethical when notes and citations follow the paraphrased content. Many researchers paraphrase ideas from one or more sources and present them as substantiating points in the paper.

However, paraphrasing becomes a problem when online article rewriter tools are used for changing the appearance of the entire article. It is malpractice because people categorically use the rephrasing tool for evading detection from copy-paste checkers.

Hence, paraphrasing becomes a form of data manipulation that is nothing more than an advanced form of plagiarism.

As an honest writer, it is essential to create unique content and avoid paraphrasing from different sources. The habit of paraphrasing leads to overt dependence on resource articles. Repeated use of paraphrased content dwarfs the originality of the text. Individual ideas are suppressed because of the overt use of paraphrasing tools. Therefore, to hone the writing skills, it is vital to avoid paraphrasing and article rewriting tools.

The utility of plagiarism scanners in detecting paraphrased content

The primary function of the online paraphrasing tool is to change the appearance of the article. These tools often claim that the meaning of the rephrased article remains the same.

However, after careful observation of the rephrased article, a person can find inconsistencies in the sentence structure coupled with grammatical errors. Hence, the result supplied by these tools will not be suitable for submission because it contains a fair number of errors.

Such tools indicate that people are using paraphrasing tools for changing the appearance of reference content to avoid plagiarism detection. Many free online plagiarism checkers primarily detect copy-paste errors. A rephrased article might show zero plagiarism on these plagiarism checkers.

Why go for the AI-powered anti-plagiarism checkers?

Advancement in software technology has led to the development of AI-powered anti-plagiarism software suitable for detecting manipulated content. These plagiarism checkers can detect paraphrased content in the document and pinpoint the source from where the text has been paraphrased.

Therefore, it is wise to avoid using rephrase tools for completing written assignments in college or university because educational institutes use a student plagiarism checker for scanning papers.

Once the paper is submitted, nothing can be done to remove the paraphrased passages. The use of paraphrased content in a paper is deliberate plagiarism. People who are caught guilty of intentional plagiarism have to face stricter punishment from the educational institute.

The functioning of plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism checkers ensure that plagiarism does not spread like wildfire in the academic world. The increasing popularity of the online platform has also witnessed an exponential rise in plagiarism cases.

The virtual world is a place where content is uploaded at a rapid rate. Blog posts, articles, papers journals are published online. Copying of content has also become easy. However, that does not imply that measures are not taken to curb the malpractice.

With the help of an advanced plagiarism checker, a person can scan documents for plagiarism. One  can download the plagiarism checker application or use the website to access the plagiarism checking service.

These applications are user-friendly, and people can upload and hit scan for acquiring the plagiarism report of their document. Multiple file formats are supported, and people can upload files or copy-paste the text to initiate the plagiarism scan


Writers will not be able to escape the plagiarism charge that results from paraphrased content in their articles. It will not just harm their reputation but also, at the same time, can ruin their career as well. The writers can even have to go through financial or monetary losses, which is not at all acceptable.

Hence, to avoid plagiarism charges, it is best to focus on making unique content instead of paraphrasing tools for manipulating published content. A paraphrasing checker is a suitable tool for detecting unintentional paraphrasing in the article. With this tool, one can successfully remove careless mistakes from the academic paper/article.

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