Plagiarism Prevention: Top tips to ensure unique copies

Why is plagiarism prevention necessary?

Plagiarism is a threat to the creativity of the content creators. The rising plagiarism cases have forced authors and organizations to opt for suitable solutions to deal with unwanted content theft.

Unauthorized access and use of other’s content without their consent is referred to as plagiarism. In most of the cases, the creators are unaware of the data theft. In some other cases, they are not acknowledged and press changes on the offender. Whether intentional or unintentional, plagiarism has the same consequence.

In the academic field, copied presentations, plagiarized papers are canceled, and often students face penalties for such acts, including year loss. In the professional area, too, duplicate contents creators encounter face loss and damage to their reputation.

Why is plagiarism prevention important?

  • The authors are primarily responsible for providing their readers with authentic information, their views, and personal insights. Simply copying other’s work for fame and popularity reflects the dishonesty of the content creator. Plagiarized content leads the content creators to lose their loyal followers and readers, destroying their image and reputation.
  • To protect websites or printed sources from data theft, writers, content creators, and even websites use copyright over their original content. It helps them to regulate the access of outsiders. As per the copyright act, copyright infringement is a serious offense that may lead the offender to face legal consequences, including money loss.
  • Writing a book or an article, creating a blog or vlog, taking the perfect picture- all kinds of art requires effort and hard work. Plagiarism denies the original content creators the credit they deserve for their effort.

Tips to ensure unique copies:

  • Avoid paraphrasing:

Unlike the popular notion, both paraphrasing and summarizing are types of plagiarism. Thus, writers are advised to use their own words, even if they take inspiration from others, to avoid plagiarism.

  • Know your audience’s taste:

Having a track of the kind of content one’s contemporary’s produce helps the creators determine which area is less explored by others. Hence they can choose from a wide variety of less explored topics and are fit for the target audience instead of simply copying from others.

  • Gather information:

Nothing can replace reading. One must have a clear idea about the subject matter to produce better quality content. Conduct research for fact-finding for making the content informative and unique at the same time.

  • Proofread:

The final step before publishing work is proofreading. One can conduct the process manually, but it becomes time-consuming and prone to errors. The online tool effectively detects errors in the written piece within a few minutes.

These are fast and are available completely free of cost. The software is trusted to provide an accurate result to the users.

  • Grammar checker:

Readers connect with content that is relevant and easy to understand. Content must be grammatically correct to appeal to the reader’s interest. With the variety of online tools, checking grammar, constructions, and spelling errors now is easier than ever.

  • Plagiarism detection tool:

The best way to prevent plagiarism is to scan the document with plagiarism checker tools. With a single click, users can generate the plagiarism percentage in their created content. It enables the users to make desired changes in their copy to reduce the risks of plagiarism.

  • Word compare document:

Like the plagiarism checker, these tools enable the users to compare two documents side by side to identify similarities. At the end of the scanning process is complete. A result is generated with the similarities between the two contents being highlighted.

Plagiarism is not only unacceptable but also unethical. Search engines often take down such duplicate contents and even websites to deal with plagiarism. Avoid plagiarism to create better quality content.

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