Prepaid Legal – A Review

The reason for this article is to give some helpful data with respect to the Prepaid Legal item and business opportunity.

Organization Background:

The thought for this business happened in 1972 when organizer, Harland Stonecipher, was engaged with a genuine mishap that left him with a large number of dollars in legal expenses. This experience drove him to perceive a requirement for a protection that could decrease unforeseen legal expenses. Prepaid Legal is currently settled in 50 states and in Canada. The organization gives cost repayment to legal services through plans sold by free merchants.

About Prepaid Legal:

The distinctive protection plans give a specific measure of inclusion at no expense and expanded inclusion for decreased rates. The plans can incorporate boundless lawyer discussion, letter composing, archive arrangement, petty criminal offense protection, engine vehicle-related criminal allegations safeguard and general preliminary guard. Not secured are issues, for example, separate, sedate cases and significant criminal cases; notwithstanding, individuals can at present get legal help with these issues at a limited expense. Notwithstanding the legal protection, the organization additionally offers a checking framework for the anticipation of fraud.


The Prepaid Legal business opportunity is that of a run of the mill MLM in which individuals can sell and enroll others to sell participations. For a $49 expense you can turn into an autonomous wholesaler which gives you rights to advertise the designs to other people. Commissions of $69 to $250 are earned when a part actually supports a person into the business.

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