Tips For Effective Virtual Team-Building

Every company has to deal with being spread out geographically. With the rise of global communication and digital technologies, these geographical distances are almost trivial – but that doesn’t mean they’re not challenging for virtual teams.

Team Building Activities Singapore can be strenuous when you don’t all live in the same place. Here’s how to make work virtually easier:

Tip # One — Team Building Activities should happen more than once per year 

Even if your team is in three different time zones or on entirely opposite sides of the world, it will take some effort to stay connected. Team building events help forge those connections, so keep them happening at least quarterly!

And since everyone will have their own schedule, try doing something like lunchtime yoga where you can all take part remotely.

Tip # Two — Team Building Activities should be fun 

Team building activities are not just for the office! Find out what your team enjoys and brainstorm ways to integrate these things into a more informal setting.

If you’re in different parts of the world, try something like an online scavenger hunt where everyone collaborates on their own time zones or log-in periods instead of having one person “host” it.

Tip # Three — Team Building Activities should involve some element of competition

Competition doesn’t have to mean only physical games – think about doing something as simple as giving teams points based on how many questions they answer correctly or completing tasks faster than other groups (think Jeopardy!).

This way, no one’s left out or feeling like they’re not “competitive enough.”

Tip # Four — Team Building Activities should be done in a group setting (at least partially)

While virtual team-building activities are great, it can get hard to connect with people when you don’t have the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

Try doing some of your activity work as a bigger group and then having more minor breakouts for more focused tasks later on if needed.

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