Top 5 scooters under 70000 in India

Taking the ever-growing traffic in India into consideration, scooters are undoubtedly the most practical two wheelers around. That’s not all, they’re also quite reliable and budget-friendly too. In the case of scooters, getting a two wheeler loan is also extremely easy with you having to pay low bike loan interest rates and bike loan EMIs. If you’re seriously considering a budget scooter as your next purchase, here’s a list of the top 5 scooters under Rs. 70,000 in India.

1.     Honda Activa 6G

Honda Activa is arguably the most popular scooter in India. Currently in its 6th generation, the Activa has long been praised by both users and critics alike for its reliability and practicality. The scooter features a comfortable seat and large leg room, which can be used to easily carry stuff around the city. The scooter is powered by a modest 106 cc engine that delivers around 7.6 bhp and a mileage of around 45 to 50 kilometers per litre.

2.     TVS NTorq 125

Geared towards the ever-evolving Indian youth, the TVS NTorq is possibly the flashiest of all the scooters in the market right now. Featuring sharp edges and attractive design language, the scooter clearly makes its presence felt. The scooter’s 125 cc engine is powerful and delivers around 9 bhp of power and comes with a front disc brake, an LED lighting system, and a class-leading Bluetooth enabled instrument cluster.

3.     Suzuki Access 125

Along with the Honda Activa 6G, the Suzuki Access 125 also features a plain and inspiring design. That said, the Access 125 is extremely practical. The 125 cc engine of the scooter makes around 8.5 bhp of power and returns a good mileage figure of around 50 kilometers per liter. One of the main highlights of the Access 125 is the huge ground clearance of around 160mm, which allows you to tackle even the most rugged of roads.

4.     Yamaha Fascino 125

One of the most elegant looking scooters under Rs. 70,000, the Yamaha Fascino 125 is a style statement in itself. The scooter flaunts beautiful curves and looks really enticing from all angles. In addition to being powerful enough to carry you around the city, the scooter’s engine is also very fuel efficient. The Fascino 125 comes in four different variants and an exciting plethora of 7 various colors for you to choose from.

5.     Hero Maestro Edge 125

In tune with its name, the Hero Maestro Edge features edgy styling with sharp lines all over. Unlike most of the other scooters, the Maestro Edge comes with an attractive contrast dual tone finish that’s sure to turn eyeballs. The 125 cc engine of the scooter is fuel injected and offers crisp throttle response, high fuel efficiency, and delivers good power. The Maestro edge comes in three different variants and six color options, giving you ample choice.


With these many choices and more under just Rs. 70,000, what are you waiting for? Check your two wheeler loan eligibility and apply for a bike loan now and drive home a brand new scooter.

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