Top Reasons to Book a Thailand Golf Holiday

Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, it has become more and more popular with golfing enthusiasts for a wide variety of reasons. You’ll find some superb course dotted around this Buddhist nation, there is something truly magical about playing golf in this awe-inspiring country. If you are thinking about a Thailand golf holiday, read on to discover the many benefits of playing here.

Weather Conditions

Let’s be honest, even if you love to play golf, you’d prefer to do it in a warm, comfortable environment. Nobody likes getting ready for a round in blustery, wet, freezing cold conditions. When it comes to courses, Thailand has exactly what every golfer needs – perfect weather that rarely dips below 30 all year round. Because of its climate, Thailand has become a golfing mecca, everybody loves playing in this South East Asian country. The best golf tours agency online recommends Thailand as a must visit golfing destination, they also mention places such as:

  • Hawaii
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Although these places are great for playing golf, not many of them can compete with what Thailand has to offer.

Value for Money

Although Thailand’s baht has gotten stronger against western currencies it is still a country where you’ll get incredible value for money. You’ll be able to play on some of the country’s most prestigious courses for a reasonable price, something you’d struggle to do in Europe or America. You can get outstanding accommodation in a 5-star hotel for half the price you’d pay elsewhere in the world. In addition to cheap accommodation, you’ll also have access to cheap food, great shopping and much more. Pattaya has a diverse range of golf courses, there are close to 25 different courses located in the city. With such competition, playing golf in Thailand has never been so affordable.

Thai Hospitality

Thailand is fondly known as “The Land of Smiles”, if you haven’t already been, you’ll soon find out why the moment you step off the airplane. Thai people are warm, bubbly and friendly. They love getting to know other people and they are always interested in having a conversation. Whether you are turning up to a first-class restaurant or eating noodles at a street stall, you’ll always be greeted with a “wai” and a big smile.

Nightlife & Cuisine

Thailand is famous for its nightlife and world-renowned cuisine. If you are brave enough to try some authentic spicy dishes, you’ll be blown away by the flavour. After you’ve eaten your fill of Thai food, you can hit one of the countries buzzing nightspots. There is a huge selection, from beer bars to live music venues.

There are so many reasons to book a golf trip in Thailand, there is so many we found it difficult to include all of them in one article. Apart from having outstanding golf courses, the country also has breath-taking beaches, world-class diving locations and some of the friendliest people in the world. If you are considering a golf trip, look no further than Thailand.

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