Useful Tips For Decorating Walls With Mirrors

Shifting to a new home can be a very fun experience. You can decorate your home and give it a more personalised style. However, you must keep in mind that you cannot decorate your home just by arranging your furniture. There are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration. If you are not sure about the type of decoration, you can consider following the trend of decorating your house with wall mirrors. There are various types of mirrors available in the market. Depending on your preferences, you can give your home a traditional or contemporary look. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to create the best wall mirror decor:

01 of 05 Size is an important factor

Mirrors are available in many different sizes. You can always consider buying large mirrors for decorating your home. However, make sure it matches the theme of your home. Choose a full body mirror for the wall if you want to add more depth to your home decor. Make sure you place the large mirror against the wall. Put the mirror in a frame instead of opting for hangers or feet and place it by the main wall of the room. Just adding the mirror can help to instantly elevate the appeal of the space and give it a more romantic touch. You can also use these mirrors to decorate narrow aisles where you cannot use any other items. It can become the focal point of the room as well.

02 of 05 Include mirrors in the same wall gallery

Including mirrors in the same wall gallery and using them as decorative units are a few modern decoration techniques. This wall mirror decor is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. Since you can use mirrors in both traditional setups and modern setups, you do not have to worry about finding complementing mirror designs. For instance, if your wall gallery has a traditional theme, you can introduce many small mirrors with rustic frames to complement the decor. You do not have to look for different frames. Using the same frame design for all the mirrors is sufficient. Make sure you incorporate them in the wall gallery in a manner that they appear as a part of it.

03 of 05 Placing the mirrors

There are a few technical aspects that you have to consider while finalising your wall mirror decor. Since they are technical aspects, you must not ignore their importance. This is because even if you buy a very beautiful mirror featuring an ornate and expensive frame, it might not make your room appear more elegant and luxurious. You must know how to position your mirror to ensure it enhances the appeal of your room. The height of the mirror and the reflection forming on it has a huge impact on the overall decor. You do not have to set them at eye level like artwork. However, you must ensure that it allows you to see your reflection properly. Try to maintain a standard height so that light can be reflected as much as possible.

04 of 05 Choose round mirrors

You can use round wall mirrors in almost any home decor idea. The shape of these mirrors is quite versatile and will easily complement different designs. Also, you can be more creative and experimental with round-shaped mirrors. Hence, you can opt for any home design you want. Do not use just one mirror. Instead, group 5 to 6 round mirrors that vary in size but feature the same elegant frame that will enhance the appeal of the space. Although this technique is very commonly used, it has a very unique appeal that makes it so beautiful.

05 of 05 Choose various geometric shapes

In most home decor ideas, people either choose round mirrors or rectangular mirrors. Although they are quite famous, you must remember that these are not the only options available. There are many geometric patterns available in the market that you can use to decorate your home. Many experts suggest incorporating various geometric shapes together in the decor to create a unique appeal. However, you must remember that home decor is a personal choice and while some may love it, others may dislike it. You must always keep the overall decor of the room in mind while choosing the mirror shapes.

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