Where Do Interior Designers Work?

The demand for interior designers is increasing every day.  As people all over the world spend more and more time at home, they want their homes to be a reflection of their tastes.  They want their homes to be relaxing.  They want their homes to be a safe sanctuary from the demands of the outside world.

With this increased need for interior designers, where can people find interior design employment opportunities?  Literally everywhere.

Places of Business

Most people don’t realize that every building they walk into has been touched by an interior designer.

Walking into the lobby of a lawyer’s office, people might feel the influence of an interior designer right away.  Most lawyers place a good deal of emphasis on their presentation.  No one wants to hire a lawyer who has ratty unmatched furniture.  People expect to see beautiful flooring, up-scale furniture, and the perfect picture placed at the perfect spot on the wall.

These things don’t happen by accident.  This is one of the biggest interior design employment opportunities.  The interior designer has decided on the best place for the welcome desk and the best groupings for the chairs. An interior designer has decided whether to have a sofa and whether or not to have lamps.

It’s not just wealthy business owners who need interior designers.  Ordinary every-day business offices need the touch of an interior designer.  The productivity of employees in an office can be drastically affected by their surroundings.  Trying to work in a crowded office where nothing matches can be just that – trying.

Healthcare Settings

Patients sitting around wasting time in the doctor’s office waiting room have more important things on their minds.  But if they take a look at the chairs, they will find that they have modern prints on the fabric and that the fabric is designed to hold up for years.  The interior designer who was called in to work on the office décor had a big job opportunity.

Interior design in a healthcare setting has many demands that a regular office setting doesn’t have.  The furniture has to hold up to countless people sitting on it, yet must be able to be cleaned easily and frequently.  The flooring has to be attractive while also slip-resistant.  The artwork has to be neutral.  Often the chairs coordinate with the flooring in some way.  All these things don’t happen by accident.

Furniture Stores

When a customer walks into a furniture store, they may think all the furniture is just displayed willy-nilly.  Most people realize that cheap furniture is usually displayed that way – all the sofas clumped together, all the bookcases in a jumble, and all the lamps standing next to each other.

Better quality furniture is displayed as if it were in a home.  An interior designer worked hard to make the pieces work together to show how they could look in a customer’s home.

Wealthy Clients

This is the place where most people would think that interior designers have the most employment opportunities.  And yes, there are tons of interior design employment opportunities in wealthy communities.

A blue-collar client might not be able to hire an interior designer, but someone with a lot of disposable income would want their home to be their castle.  Sometimes, literally!  They may want furniture imported from Africa, and they want it to work together with the tile flooring they had imported from Italy.  It’s not an easy gig, but interior designers can really enjoy the challenges of working with someone with unlimited funding.

Furniture Manufacturers

When a person goes out to look for a new sofa, they may see something they hate and think – who on earth designed that?  Or perhaps the opposite is true.  Either way, furniture manufacturers have to employ interior designers.  They need people who know the current trends.  They need people who know what has gone out of style.

Real Estate

The newest trend in selling houses these days is staging.  A house for sale is not supposed to look as if someone lives there – it is supposed to look like a model home.  Interior design employment opportunities abound in the real estate field, where designers have to purge houses of personal items and make what’s left look great.

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